R & B Group : HEART

Honour: To honour our Lord in all that we do.
Accountability: Taking responsibility, good or bad.
Respect: To respect one another, from the lowest to the highest.
Honour: Upholding your standard.
Accountability: To be responsible for the job you do.
Respect: To respect each other and the work they do.
Honour: Is fairness or integrity in one's belief and actions, a source of credit.
Accountability: Is an obligation of an individual or organization to account for its activities and
Respect: Is a positive feeling of admiration or a difference for a person or other entity and disfunction accept the responsibility for them and disclose the results in a transparent manner also specific actions and conduct representation of their esteem
Honour: Is to have the quality of knowing and doing what is right; being recognized for what you have done.
Accountability: Is taking ownership of anything you do; obligation and willingness to accept responsibility and account for your actions.
Respect: To treat someone the way you would want to be treated.
Honour: Honour and loyalty go hand in hand; starting off by honoring yourself and you will in turn honour your peers, managers, colleagues and you yourself will have a sense of self satisfaction and pride.
Accountability: Is understanding your role in its entirety and totally owning any responsibilities, short falls or inefficiencies.
Respect: Respecting each other and each other's roles, defines the basis on your relationship with others.
Honour: To be regarded with Respect: ; to be recognized for what you have done.
Accountability: No finger pointing; take ownership of what has been assigned to you.
Respect: To treat someone the way I would like them to treat me.
Honour: To be proud to be a part of something.
Accountability: Being responsible for one's own actions.
Respect: Treat others with kindness and equality.
Honour: Hold in high regard.
Accountability: Responsibility for your actions and functions, adopting ownership of the above as well.
Respect: Consideration to others and people's opinions and feelings.
Honour: To have pride, to be loyal, honorable and committed.
Accountability: To take responsibility for your actions, good or bad.
Respect: Treat others the way you want to be treated, respect is gained not earned.
Honour: Being truthful to the vision of the of the business as well as your position in the business; being positive and respectful.
Accountability: Being responsible for your role within the business and delivering what is expected of you without supervision 24/7, being honest and passionate.
Respect: Being well mannered, polite and committed to your job and the people you work with; aim to work as a team for the greater benefit of the business.
Honour: Respect and submitting to authority fulfilling an agreement and keeping it.
Accountability: Accepting responsibility for a task given being accountable for your actions.
Respect: Self-worth, personal quality or ability; Respect is earned and not given; treating or thinking about something or someone.
Honour: Respecting a position.
Accountability: Responsible for your actions.
Respect: Is earned not given.
Honour: Being committed to his job/duty; a person who has the company's best interest at heart.
Accountability: Not blaming others for not completing a job at any level; taking accountability for Respect: Caring greatly for others and continually showing this towards them completing it and ensuring it happens.
Honour- the quality of knowing what is morally right or wrong. The ability to place common objective and the needs of the company above own personal aspirations to the most part. To take pride in the company and understand what the company stands for. Respect- To have a feeling of admiration towards one’s own work and the work of others. Respect deals with the ability of taking time to view the opinions of others in different departments of the company whilst working towards a common objective. Accountability- the understanding that one’s own work builds towards a set strategic intent and that the work is important to obtain/ reach/ meet a certain objective. Therefore the individual needs to ensure that the work produced is at one’s best ability and any defaults in the work produced comes with direct responsibility.
Honour: Yes the name tag is above my door.
Accountability: Accept responsibility for all decisions made by yourself
Respect: Treat all others equally and the same as you would wish them to treat you
Honour: Acknowledging the values, mission and vision of the company
Accountability: Being humble and accepting everyone as they are
Respect: Being responsible for all your actions.
Respect: “Working as a team, committing to continuous improvement, accepting accountability and changes. Value and respect one another. Always taking that one step further, committed to been the best “
Honour: regarding somebody with a high level of respect or knowing and doing what is morally right.
Accountability:having great admiration for someone based on their qualities
Respect: accepting responsibility for ones actions
Honour: appreciating the people you deal with, allowing them to freely interact with you
Accountability:being consistent in how you treat others, mindful of the effect your formal/informal conduct towards them affects the moods
Respect: being mindful that the actions you take have an effect on other things within the environment you operate in, doing what is right
Honour: Living with principles , values & dignity
Accountability:Recognising my own shortcomings with honesty ; accepting ownership
Respect: genuinely honouring others as I would have them honour me.
Honour: To act with dignity and live unselfishly for the greater good of everything
Accountability:to view all people and the natural environment as an equal to yourself
Respect: to take responsibility for your actions whether it be negative or positive
Honour: Always putting your best foot forward
Accountability:Taking pride in Yourself and others
Respect: Owning your responsibilities, and giving 100%
Honour: begins at home with family and in one’s country and everywhere a foot touches.
Accountability:Accountable to God first then to man, afterwards one’s self - it is not self-gratification.
Respect: Respect and will be respected, in humility consider others better than oneself. You reap what you sow.
Honour: Say what you do
Accountability:Do what you say
Respect: Is understanding

Honour: Be truthful in all aspects to the product and the group.
Accountability: Be accountable for our product re; quality etc.; accept constructive critism and build on that.
Respect: For yourself and others “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
Honour: Taking pride in your work; being involved, motivated, passionate; honoring values of the business.
Accountability: Being responsible for your actions.
Respect: Respecting your seniors and co-workers; always put yourself in their situations, be compassionate and try and relate.
Honour: Respecting the business and staff by going the extra mile to make the business a success effectively.
Accountability: Basing the business on performance by trusting in individuals to work freely.
Respect: Uplifting people to a level where they feel loved and motivated.
Honour: Being proud of yourself, what you do and who you are.
Accountability: Taking ownership for all your actions, tasks at hand and what you've been entrusted to do.
Respect: Earn respect, don't demand it.
Honour: Carrying pride.
Accountability: Taking and making yourself fully responsible for anything and everything that falls in out of your profile with the organization.
Respect: Humbleness and acceptance towards everyone and everything.
Honour: Having honour and respect for your work and everyone you work with.
Respect: To have respect for your work and who you work; it is individuals you are working with and their emotions and feelings are important.
Honour: the Lord in all we do.
Honour: To honour one's family, home and workplace.
Accountability: Being responsible for all ones actions.
Respect: Is earned; respect yourself and all around you.
Honour: Driving our brand; owning it and being proud to be part of the group; proud to be a team player.
Accountability: Being true to yourself and your word; honest and loyal.
Respect: Holding people in high respect; speaking positively about the group.
Honour: Acknowledging the brand (mark, image, logo, slogan, mission, vision etc).
Accountability: Measuring how I contribute to the performance and maintenance of the brand.
Respect: My commitment to being actively engaged in the above and the implementing the brand (mark, image, logo, slogan, mission, vision etc) in my daily admin and documentation, applying the brand concept (mark, image, logo, slogan, mission, vision etc) to the daily mind-set during interaction of activities as well as when interacting with clientele, prospective clientele and public in general, and considering all aspects of the brand (mark, image, logo, slogan, mission, vision etc) in all planning and measuring of the products produced by the organisation. (image, logo, slogan, mission, vision etc), and, the positive support I render to others within the company/group who are not quite as aquatinted with the practice as I am acknowledgement of others for their contribution to the above, however small or big that contribution might be.
Honour: Being able to see the best in others and working with it.
Accountability: Giving the best of my ability to others and expecting the same in return.
Respect: Appreciating our differences and working towards the greater good.
Honour: To honour yourself, family and fellow employees.
Accountability: Take control of what is in your immediate environment and share your knowledge and assistance in all aspects of your work.
Respect: Listen and understand a person's individuality.

Honour: To respect and salute a person.
Accountability: Is something that you are accountable for.
Respect: Is to give honour to someone or respectyour workplace.
Honour: Upholding the principals for which you stand. Accountability: Responsibility for your actions. Respect: Acknowledging someone for who they are and not for their achievement.
Honour: Encouraging and standing alongside a person and uplifting them for their effort.
Accountability: Taking ownership and responsibility of my actions and answering for them, doing a task that is given to me .
Respect: Accepting each person for who they are, understanding that their values and views are different to mine; individuality and opinions.
Honour: To be loyal, committed, to have pride in what you do and do your best.
Accountability: To be fully responsible, committed and accountable to what you do, whether good or bad.
Respect: To treat someone the way you want to be treated; respectis earned
Honour: Is linked to respect; you need to honour people placed in higher positions eg; you honour your parents regardless of their behavior.
Accountability: Taking responsibility for your actions and deeds whether there is a negative or positive outcome.
Respect: Respect is earned by those around you, if you respect someone you hold them in high esteem and value their input.
Honour: The company in its running.
Accountability: Everybody takes responsibility for his or her actions.
Respect: Respect yourself and those around you and their abilities and responsibilities.
Honour: Be proud of your position and the work involved.
Accountability: To be responsible for your actions and those under you.
Respect: To respect the business and those around you, to also gain respect and not demand it.
Honour: Respect: ing the company that I work for.
Accountability: Taking responsibility for my actions, right or wrong.
Respect: Treating others as I would like to be treated.
Honour: Stand by your word and take pride in your work.
Accountability: To take responsibility and be accountable within your own job description.
Respect: Treating others with kindness, the way that you want to be treated.
Honour: To honour someone or something is to have great respect for them.
Accountability: Is simply being responsible for one's actions.
Respect: Respect is earned not demanded; in order to be respected, you need to respect others.
Honour: To act with a level of respect to others and to one's self.
Accountability: To take responsibility for one's actions and the consequences of those actions; to own your responsibilities.
Respect: To value others and treat them as such.
Honour: To remain upstanding.
Accountability: To take full responsibility .
Respect: To uphold.
Honour: To stand by one's word.
Accountability: To take full responsibility for the performance of your division.
Respect: To show due respect both to your superiors and to your subordinates.
Honour: to esteem, to submit to the rules & regulations of the company & uphold the dignity thereof at all times.
Accountability: Having a humble & just character to all colleagues.
Respect: Having a humble & just character to all colleagues.
Honour: Personal integrity, noble, pride,honesty,presentable,quality,neatness,punctuality,privelege,to serve, perform, esteem, keep to your promise, to show courteous behaviour, reputation and chastity.
Accountability: Responsibility, acceptance, self-worth, required to account for you actions, capability, liability, answerable, obligation,
Respect: Polite, humble, kindness, grateful, dignity, loyalty, regard highly, esteem, value, prize, consider, regard, abide by, tolerate, accept, reputation, attitude, affection,.
Honour: Be faithfull or do what is required of you.
Accountability: Treat others with dignity
Respect: Taking responsibility for what you need to do or have done.
Accountability: ESTEEM
Honour: it high respect or privilege
Accountability: is a feelings that something or someone is important
Respect: is to be trusted , accept and face any responsibility ,other fellow workers count on you.
Honour: The privilege of working with individuals who share a common vision that I believe in.
Accountability: Being responsible for everything I do.
Respect: Whilst a position of authority initially demands respect, it’s the individual in that position whose actions determine whether that respect is maintained.GARY
Honour: we must be accountable for our actions and accept full responsibility for the tasks that we are entrusted with.
Accountability: we must always show respect and consideration to everyone whom we interact with as we would expect the other person to respect us, no matter what our differences are.
Respect: We must be loyal and honest in every interaction and choose integrity and respect besides the pressures we might face.
Honour: you respect people and admire them for what they do
Accountability: you take full responsibility for something you did whether the outcome was good or bad
Respect: treat everyone with dignity and respect whoever is giving you work instruction
Honour: First and foremost to honour our God Almighty daily and to also honour the legacy that the founders of our company have left for us to build on
Accountability: While you can be assigned a variety of responsibilities, whether or not you are accountable, depends on your character ie to own up or to place the blame on someone else
Respect: Respect is earned by valuing others. Although respect is key, communication, information and recognition help to make the workplace run more smoothly
Honour: To me, this means showing respect and appreciation for everything and everyone, big or small; young or old. The bible says “Honour the Lord, all his people; those who obey Him have all they need”, Psalms 34 vs 9.
Accountability: For me, being accountable in this context refers to being responsible for self and others, including taking responsibility for your actions and everything that you do.
Respect: I strongly believe that respect is earned. I believe that if you respect yourself, the people around, the grounds you walk on and everything you do, you do it out of love and respect, you shall receive respect and love in return.
Honour: To recognise the diversity of all fellow humans and industries out there.
Accountability:By holding ourselves accountable for our actions or lack of action in our daily roles in our work and general lives.
Respect: By showing regard and consideration in all our dealings and actions with our fellow humans and industries.
Respect: RESPECT